We put the THUNDER in shooting sports

Chief Instructor

James Murphy

James has been associated with shooting and the shooting sports industry for 30 plus years.  He is a veteran of two services, (the Navy and the Army) with 10 years of service including 4 years as a Military Police officer.  During his 4 years in the Army he spent time in both Central America and Iraq where he trained the Iraqi Police in all aspects of law enforcement with strong emphasis on firearms training.  James is an NRA certified firearms instructor in both pistol and rifle as well as being an NRA Certified Chief Range safety officer and a Texas DPS certified license to carry instructor.  He also has competed in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and believes strongly in safe, competent shooting practices.  One of the sayings we believe in is;


"Practice does not make perfect...Perfect practice makes perfect."


Chief Range Safety Officer

Aaron Knobloch

Aaron is a native of Lee County and joined the team at Thunderarms in 2017.  Aaron has been around guns and shooting his whole life and strongly believes in the philosophy that at the range safety first and fun second "a very close second".